Adventurers Club

My CU’s Adventurers Club is a savings and membership account specifically designed for children ages 0 - 12. With this account, children are rewarded as they meet certain savings goals. With a minimum opening balance of $5, young children learn good savings habits and have fun in the process.

Java Club

My CU’s Java Club is a savings and membership account specifically designed for teenagers between the ages of 13 – 18. This account allows you to establish good money management skills and the opportunity to establish your first checking account (with a sponsoring adult as a co-signer).

Learn How To Manage Your Finances And Get A Head Start On Planning Out Your Future.

1. Establish membership with MY Credit Union and start out with a savings account, and become familiar with how to save for your goals. Savings accounts earn interest on your money so the more your save, the more interest your earn.

2. With a sponsoring adult, open your first checking account and develop good money management skills. Plan for your expenses, balance your checkbook, and learn what you need to know about credit cards, debit cards, and electronic transactions.

Term Share Certificates

Adventurers Club and Java Club Term Share Certificates offer a fixed rate and a minimum opening balance of $100 are also available. The minimum balance required to earn dividends on either account is $100.