Whether you have a specific amount of money that you need, or just foresee some upcoming expenses, MYCU has the right personal loan for you. Low interest rates, flexible terms, and personal service are just some of the advantages of a personal loan from MYCU.

Rapid Cash Assistance Loan

Our new Rapid Cash Assistance loan is designed to help you when you need cash quickly in order to cover unexpected expenses.  A Rapid Cash Loan provides you immediate cash while saving you money through lower fees and flexible terms versus a payday loan.

A Rapid Cash Loan Offers:

  • A quick and easy application

  • Fast Approval

  • Loans from $250 – $750 with no credit report required*

  • Terms from 3 - 9 months

To receive a Rapid Cash loan you can apply online here or print and return a completed application.

Certain restrictions apply. Applicant must meet eligibility requirements. A $20 application fee will be assessed. Annual Percentage Rate* = 28.00%.

Share Secured Loan

Use the money in your savings account as collateral and qualify for a low interest rate of 4% above the regular share rate. Maximum term is four years.

Signature Loan

Ideal for budgeted credit goals, a Signature loan lets you borrow a specific amount (up to $5,000) and repayment in set terms to a maximum term of three years. The amount of the loan you receive is based on your monthly income. The fixed interest varies and is based on the term you choose.

Personal Line of Credit

A personal line of credit gives you the option of taking advances from the loan if and when you need the funds. This allows you to save money since you are paying interest only on the outstanding balance. You may also attach the line of credit to your checking account for overdraft protection. The amount of the line of credit you receive is based on your monthly income. The variable interest rate is based on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Prime rate and shall not be less than 9.00% APR.