Credit Card Fraud Alerts

Real Time Fraud Alerts for Your Safety and Convenience.

Introducing Visa Credit Card Fraud Alerts! Here at My Credit Union, we strive to make your credit cards safe and secure. We monitor your card activity to identify transactions that may not be within your usual patterns. If we suspect a transaction may be fraud, we will mark that transaction for verification. Automated Fraud Alerts allows us to contact you by sending a text message to your phone. Provide us with your mobile phone number and we will text you if a suspect transaction or series of transactions occur. You’ll have the ability to immediately respond ‘Yes – this is Fraud’ or ‘No – this is not Fraud’ and we will take the appropriate action.

To Register For Credit Card Fraud Alerts:

  1. Log-in to online banking

  2. Under the “Accounts” tab, select “Credit Card Access” (enroll you card for credit card access if you haven’t previously done so)

  3. Under “Communications” select “Fraud Alerts”

  4. Follow the instructions to complete registration. Before starting, read the FAQs to see what information you will need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fraud Alert Text Messaging work?
A text message and/or pre-recorded voice call may be sent to your mobile device when there is a suspicious transaction(s) identified. Simply reply to the text to confirm whether or not you recognize the transaction(s).

If you reply to the text that you do not recognize the transaction(s), you will receive a text response back asking you to call Fraud Detection at 888.918.7313 to report the fraudulent transaction(s) and close the card. A block will be placed on your card to protect from further fraudulent transactions until you call us.

If you reply to the text that you recognize the transaction(s), your card will remain available for use. If you do not reply to the text within 30 minutes, a pre-recorded voice call may be attempted at your mobile device and home phone number listed on your account.

If you receive a pre-recorded call, please listen to the prompts provided to review and respond to the validity of each transaction that is presented during the call. To reply to the pre-recorded message left on your phone, please call the number provided in the message to tell us whether or not you recognize the transaction(s).

How much does it cost to use this service?
There is no fee to use the service. However, if you elect to receive Automated Fraud Alerts via SMS/Text, standard text message and data rates assessed by your mobile carrier apply. Please check with your mobile carrier to ensure that you have ‘text messaging’ enabled on your mobile phone plan.

Is this service safe and secure?
Yes. Our first priority is to protect your personal information. We never ask for your account number, personal identification or other personal information via a text message. If you ever receive a text message asking for your member number, account numbers or other personal information, please do not respond.

How do I register for SMS/Text Automated Fraud Alerts?

  • Log Into Online Banking

  • Under the Accounts Tab select Credit Card Access
    (Enroll you card for credit card access if you haven’t previously done so)

  • Under Communications, select Fraud Alerts

  • Click ‘Register Here’

  • Enter the requested information

  • Click ‘Submit’

    Upon ‘Submit’, a page will display telling you to expect a text message. Reply “Yes” to the text message within 48 hours to complete your registration.

What information do I need to register my mobile phone number?

  • Text Enabled Mobile Phone Number

  • Card Number

  • Zip Code (what is shown on your card statement)

  • Last 4 of the PRIMARY OWNER’S SSN

  • Card Security Code (usually 3 digits on the back of the card, or 4 digits on the front)

  • Card Expiration Date

Note: only one mobile number per card can be registered – if you are set up as a joint cardholder with someone else (both cards have the same number) decide which person will sign-up for SMS/Text Automated Fraud Alerts. The last number to register will be the phone number on file for alerts.

Why did I receive an error message that my account is blocked?
The system will require you to start the process over if you have entered incorrect information 3 times or if you used the back button during the process. Wait 15 minutes and then click ‘Register’ link to restart the registration process.

I enrolled in the service on-line and never received a text message to complete my registration?
Your mobile phone may be blocked from receiving third-party text messages. Check with your carrier and ask them to remove the block from your phone. Please wait 48 hours before trying to register the number again to allow the outstanding failed registration text attempt to clear.

If I am traveling outside of the U.S., can I receive text message alerts?
In order to receive SMS Fraud Alerts in a foreign country you will need to have a US phone number, your carrier must support foreign text message delivery and the country you are in must be part of the Global System for Mobile Network.