Become a Member

Benefits of Membership

Our focus is to provide our members with the best possible service for the lowest possible fees. Because credit unions are not-for profit, we are able to return our profits back to you in the form of money-saving benefits, such as:

  • Higher interest on savings accounts

  • Competitive interest rates on loans

  • Free or low-cost products and services such as checking, travelers checks, and online banking

Credit unions are well known for extending personalized customer service to its members. MYCU offers its members a wide variety of financial products and convenient services that save you time while ensuring your privacy and peace of mind.

How to Join

Membership with My Credit Union has never been easier! Anyone who lives, works or worships in San Mateo County can join and immediately receive all the benefits and services we have to offer.

Anyone employed by one of our more than 40 employee groups or sponsor company may also join My Credit Union. Also, anyone related to or residing with one of our existing members is eligible for membership.

Once a person becomes a member, they will always remain a member, regardless of changes in employment or relocation.

Once eligibility is met, a prospective member needs to complete an account card and open a share (savings) account with a minimum deposit of $25.00. That opens the door to all of our services and benefits like our share draft (checking) account, and great loan products.