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Visa Check Card/ATM Card       


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My Credit Union offers either an ATM Card or Visa Check Card for easy access to your account. 

ATM Card
A MYCU ATM card allows you to access your account at any CO-OP Network®  ATM, a network of 25,000 credit union ATMs nationwide and in 5,500 select 7-Eleven® stores.  In addition, a MYCU ATM card can be used for point-of-sale (debit) purchases at merchants nationwide.

Visa Check Card
Your MYCU Visa Check Card has become more powerful than ever.  There’s no need to carry around a bulky checkbook or excess cash.

   The MYCU Visa Check Card is
   accepted worldwide wherever the
   Visa logo is displayed. Each time
   you use the Visa Check card,
   money is withdrawn immediately from your checking account and the transactions are listed on your monthly statement so you can track your spending. It's just one more convenient way to access your money from MYCU.

Useful Tips and Information to Remember:
Don't treat this like your average ATM card
Handle your debit card like it's a credit card. Get to know it: what it can do, and what it can't.

Know your limit
Your spending limit is in your checking account. Remember that all ATM withdrawals, checks written, and Point of Sale purchases are charged against the same account. Don't overspend your money. Fees will apply.

Safety is key
Sign your card, keep your PIN (personal identification number) secret, and report stolen cards immediately.

 Your Check Card also works
  on the Internet!  If you're 
  purchasing items on the
  Internet, you can use your 
  Check Card anywhere Visa 
  is accepted. For added
  security when making purchases online, register your Visa Check Card with Verified by Visa.  For more information on Verified by Visa, click here

You are protected
Your liability is limited on lost or stolen cards if you REPORT THEM IMMEDIATELY.

Visa Check Card FAQs
Q. What is a Visa® Check Card?
A. The Visa® Debit Card is an enhanced ATM card that allows you to perform all the same transactions you could with an ATM card plus using it wherever the Visa logo is displayed. Your Visa Check Card acts like a check and the funds are immediately deducted from your checking account.

Q. What are the advantages of using a Visa Check Card?
A.  Your Visa Debit Card gives you the convenience of using it at locations that don’t typically accept ATM cards for payment but will accept Visa cards such as, department stores and restaurants.

Q. How and when should I use it as a Debit card?
A.  The Visa Check Card may be used as an ATM card for cash withdrawals at ATM machines or as a POS (Point of Sale) transaction at supermarkets or gas stations. Follow these easy steps:

To use it for a Debit transaction, select DR or Debit
Enter your PIN number to complete the transaction
Funds are deducted from your checking account immediately

. How and when should I use it for credit transactions?
A.  The Visa Check Card is usually used for credit transactions at locations such as, department stores that accept Visa but not an ATM. Follow these easy steps:

To use it for a Credit transaction, select CR or Credit

You will be asked to sign sales slip to complete the transaction
Merchant may ask for identification
Funds are deducted from your checking account.

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